Monday, March 28, 2011

IM Chat Clients Mostly Used

 IM Chat Clients Mostly Used on Fedora

An instant messaging client is a software application 
that enables the user to engage in instant messaging.
Many IM chat clients available to use, but which one is the best choice for you. Basically most of them do the same job for me i usually use Pidgin my favorite one. many IM clients supporting connecting to multiple networks accounts “Hotmail, yahoo, facebook, irc, gmail, ICQ, AIM, myspace, Japper, even more with adding custom API”
  1. PSI IM
    To install any chat client you have to download it from its web site or you can install it through yum on fedora by respective steps
    First you need to Super User (as Root)
    For pidgin
               #yum -y install pidgin

    For empathy
               #yum -y install empathy

    For  Emesene
              #yum -y install emesene

    For PSI
             #yum install psi

    After Installing any of the chat client 
    Njoy the Instant Messaging

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