Saturday, September 3, 2011

Install Linux and Windows together

Install Fedora and Windows on the same machine 

For those who are using windows and wants to move to Linux, and also for those who wants to make a dual boot, the first question that arises is "can we install windows and linux together" and the answer is YES, you can install linux and windows on the same machine, we call it "Dual Boot". 
The steps for making the machine dual boot is given below, remember one thing, install windows first and then install linux to avoid trouble.

First you need to understand the some basic terms about the file system

    In an hard disk you can only make 4 primary partition (extended partition is included and treated as a primary partition, the partitions inside the exteneded partitions are excluded) So there is an option of a primary and extended partition.

    Windows only understand the NTFS and FAT partition while Linux understand all the partition (you can create a extX partition and put your data there so that others can not see it on windows and you will get a secure partition).

    For installing the Linux, Linux need some specific partition(swap, ext4 with mount point / and /boot).

Now after understanding this terms, time to start the Installation before this you need the Windows CD/DVD and the Linux CD/DVD to install the OS on your machine.

For the Fresh hard disk installation

Firstly install the windows in your machine, during the partition time just create the one partition of NTFS with the minimum drive size as per your windows version

Windows 98/XP 7 GB

Windows vista 10 GB

Windows 7 13 GB

And specially don't do any other partition here.

Now time to install the Linux with your Windows, so we take the example of Ubuntu or Fedora

nearly all the Linux contain the same type of partition table

Boot the System with the boot-able media of Ubuntu or Fedora

and at the time of partition (i.e. In partition table) seems one NTFS partition of windows and the rest is allocated space, follow the steps mention here

    Make the whole space Extended

    Now make the partion in extended space

    1 Partition Type swap with 1 GB(40% of your RAM size)

    2 Next one partition Type ext4 and the Mount Point /boot and the size will be 500 MB (if you are installing your third os after installing windows and linux then you can skip the step of formating the boot partition just use it as it is)

    3 And the third one is also the Ext4 type but with the mount type / with size minimum 20 GB space.

    And in the rest of space make the partion as per your wish but with the type NTFS because if you use something else it will not be accessible in Windows

    Complete the Installation process and Njoy the windows and Linux on the same machine.

    For switching between the windows and Linux, when you start your machine select the as per your required OS form the boot loader.
And Njoy your OS.

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